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Anjaw District Information

anjaw district

anjaw district

Anjaw District is an administrative district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India. It is a newly created district, having been split from Lohit district on 16 February 2004 under the Arunachal Pradesh Re-organization of Districts Amendment Bill. The district borders China on the north. Hawai, at an altitude of 1296 m above sea level, is the district headquarter, located on the banks of the Lohit River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra River. It is the easternmost district in India. The eastermost community in Anjaw is the village of Dong.

Under The Arunachal Pradesh Re-organization of Districts Amendment Bill, the district of Anjaw is recently created on 16th February 2004. On the northern part of the district, the border is shared with China. Anjaw District is an administrative district in Arunachal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 1296 m on the banks of River Lohit, Hawai is the administrative headquarter of Anjaw District. There are seven administrative units in Anjaw District. They are:


  • The main tribes of Anjaw district are the Zekhring and the Mishmi.
  • Total population of Anjaw District is about 18, 428, with the literacy rate only meager 31.32%. There are 41 Educational Institutions in Anjaw District which includes 1 Higher Secondary School, 1 Secondary School, 5 Middle Schools, 22 Inter-Village Schools and 11 Primary Schools.
  • The sex ratio of Anjaw District is 816 females per 100 males.
  • The main agricultural products of Anjaw district are paddy, maize, beans and millet and the Horticulture products are apple, orange, cardamom, plum, pears.
  • The rivers that form the source of this agricultural land are Lohit (locally known as Telu ), Krowti, Lam, Dichu, Tidding, Ampani, Dalai, Klung, Lati, Dav, Sarti, Telua. There are also Hydro-Electric Projects at Yapak Nala, Mati Nala, Dunai Nala, Halai Pani, Kaho.
  • Anjaw District also houses a variety of trees like Pine, Cane, Bhola, Hingori, Dhuna, Bamboo, Hollock, Orima and Jutuli. The wildlife of Anjaw District that balances the eco-system of the place are Deer, Monkey, Bear, Wolf, Boar, Lac, Squirrel, Musk Deer.


The main rivers are the following:

Lohit River (called Telu by local Mishmis)
Lam River
Tidding River
Dalai River
Krowti River
Dichu River
Lati River
Klung River
Dav River
Telua River
Ampani River
Sarti River

There is one Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly constituency located in this district: Hayuliang. It is part of the Arunachal East Lok Sabha constituency.[7]

The district has seven Administrative Units:


Flora and fauna

The district is rich in wildlife. Rare mammals such as Mishmi takin, Red goral, Gongshan muntjac, Leaf muntjac occurs while among birds there is the rare Sclater’s Monal. A pine, Pinus merkusii is found only in this district in the entire northeastern India. A flying squirrel, new to science has also its range in this district. It has been named as Mishmi Hills Giant Flying Squirrel Petaurista mishmiensis.

Finally, Anjaw District with its Headquarter at Hawai was created on 16th February 2004 under The Arunachal Pradesh Re-organization of Districts Amendment Bill (though it was deemded to have come into force on 4th December, 2003 with seven Administrative Units, namely Hayuliang, Hawai, Manchal, Goiliang, Walong, Kibithoo, Chaglogam.


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